DotS was conceived by B. Singh Khanna and Rupe Malhotra to be a children's animated series. Eventually it was decided that the concept would make a good book, so they asked Shiraz to write it. Here's a little more info on everyone involved.

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South African born, Shiraz was raised just outside Toronto, Ontario. Like the characters in this book, he currently has no home. His life as a software developer has allowed him to live on four continents and keeps him moving every few months. While he has had a passion for writing since he was eight, this is his first published work. He has every hope it is not his last.
Rupinder Malhotra is originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, England, and grew up loving action-adventure stories. Now working a s a producer in mediums which include film/television, video games, toys, and finally books, he has many canvases to allow his creative vision to be expressed.
B. Singh Khanna's love of fantasy and story-telling started at an early age when he read his first epic fantasy story on the steps during recess while living in Virginia. Singh works in the eco-friendly vehicle space and is also a producer for film, television, video games, and the web. When not reading, you may find Singh riding his motorcycle in and around Chicago.